North Korea has fired its latest ballistic missile 5 years ago

North Korea has fired its latest ballistic missile

A US Government source confirmed the launch of the missile by North Korea on Tuesday.

North Korea has fired its first ballistic since September, according to reports in the South Korean media, which have since been confirmed by a US Government source.


The source confirmed news of the launch to Reuters on Tuesday after it had originally been reported by Yonhap, a South Korean news agency.

The launch of the missile, which is believed to have flown eastward from Pyongsong in the South Pyongan province in western North Korea, is the latest in a series of missile tests by North Korea this year and the first since early September.


In the time since, the war of words between Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has escalated.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump labelled Kim Jong-un “short and fat” in response to being dubbed an “old lunatic” by the North Korean foreign ministry.

Last week, meanwhile, Trump announced that the United States would designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terror amid increasing tension in the region.