North Korea fires third test missile in as many weeks 3 years ago

North Korea fires third test missile in as many weeks

The third test took place on Sunday.

North Korea has apparently fired its third successful test missile in three weeks after its short-range ballistic missile flew about 450km before landing in Japanese waters.

According to the BBC, observers have said that The Scud test, which prompted Japan to lodge a protest, indicates the North is making progress towards missiles capable of carrying warheads.

North Korea has continued to ignore a UN resolution in banning all nuclear and missile activity and instead has increased the number of tests in recent months.

The 450km launch was fired from Wonsan in North Korea and was air bound for about six minutes before landing in an area between Japan's Sado and Oki Islands.

A spokesman for South Korea's military said the missile reached an altitude of 120km, and "an analysis is under way on the specific number" of missiles fired, indicating that more than one could have been launched.

On Sunday, North Korea state media reported that there had been a test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and released pictures of the launch, which was supposedly watched by Kim Jong-un.

They have a large stockpile of short-range Scud Missiles developed by the Soviet Unions and modified versions can fire as far as 1,000km.

The other two launches involved medium to long range missiles, both of which were described as successful.

The first of those launches was hailed by Pyongyang as a new type of rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead - it was a demonstration of the North's longest-range nuclear-capable weapon yet.

The bombardment of missiles into Japanese waters is not a first for the country. In March, they reportedly fired four missiles into the sea just off the coast of Japan

Even failed tests are something that has caused concern to those outside of the country. An unsuccessful test last month was still described as “a show of force that threatens the whole world” in a statement by South Korea's Foreign Ministry.