NUI Galway Students’ Union calls for rent refunds 2 years ago

NUI Galway Students’ Union calls for rent refunds

A number of students no longer need to be in Galway due to the switch to online learning.

NUI Galway's Students’ Union has called for rent refunds for students who no longer need to use their accommodation as a result of the changes made to the college schedule this year.


As the college has switched to online learning for the remainder of the semester at least, the college's Students' Union is calling on landlords in Galway to refund students who no longer need to live in the city to attend university.

According to the Students' Union letter, so far, the University-managed Corrib Village and Goldcrest developments, along with the privately run Menlo Park apartments, have agreed to offer refunds to students not taking up their accommodation offers.

The letter also recognised that property owners are also facing a “stressful and difficult economic time” but that there’s a need to work together to “create an impression of Galway as a destination for study”.

Students’ Union President Pádraic Toomey said: "With the announcement that most teaching will be online for the current semester at NUI Galway, a lot of our students have found themselves with accommodation they no longer need and can’t afford.


"This is adding extra financial pressures to students and their families at a stressful time of huge uncertainty. We are calling on all accommodation providers in Galway to talk to their tenants and look at how they can be flexible in their rental agreements."

Students’ Union Welfare and Equality Officer Róisín Nic Lochlainn added: "We hope that other student accommodation providers and landlords in Galway will follow in the footsteps of Campus Living and Menlo Park and provide refunds to students who no longer need accommodation.

"I’ve met with representatives from most of the large student accommodation developments to try to impress upon them the need for compassion this year so that students can afford to rent in Galway in future years."