The number of sexual partners people think is ideal 5 years ago

The number of sexual partners people think is ideal

Would you agree?

There are plenty of myths about how the number of social partners matter to couples.


Obviously as long as both partners are happy and healthy that number really doesn't mean anything, but it is interesting to understand people's perceptions of what a 'good' or 'bad' number is.

This is why one group of researchers looked at how sexual history affected attractiveness.

The researchers surveyed people on their preferences and found that  "for the average woman and the average man in our sample the ideal mate was not someone without any sexual history.''

''Our participants were reasonably willing to get involved with such a person; however, they were more willing to get involved with someone who had some history." It said


So basically someone who had never had sex wasn't as favoured as someone who had had some sex.

When it came to a high number of sexual partners participants said this was a turn off.

''Both sexes expressed equal reluctance to get involved with someone with an overly extensive sexual history.'' It said.

It also found that those who were looking for casual sex, cared less about a high number of partners than those who were interested in a long-term relationship.


So while no exact numbers were revealed, it seems that most people are looking for someone who has some experience but not too much experience.

Another 2016 survey asked people think is the ideal number of sexual partners to have in a lifetime and for both men and women, people said seven.

They were also asked what would be considered too promiscuous in their opinion and those surveyed said that 14-15 was too much.