UK pub-goers snowed in with Oasis tribute band due to Storm Arwen 1 year ago

UK pub-goers snowed in with Oasis tribute band due to Storm Arwen

It's a real 'Snow-asis" out there...

Punters attending Britain's highest pub over the weekend found themselves trapped thanks to the raging force that is Storm Arwen – though they had some notably melodic company.


According to BBC News, 61 people – including members of the public, staff and an Oasis tribute band – were unable to leave the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire after being snowed in on Friday night, 26 November.

As of Sunday morning, the group are still stuck in the pub.

The guests woke up to around three feet of snow on Saturday morning, though a nearby fallen power line and heavy snow blockages on the roads have kept them where they are for now.


Tan Hill Inn manager Nicola Townsend said everyone has "remained in good spirits" over the course of the difficult weekend.

Townsend said staff have tried their best to keep everyone entertained, including putting on a quiz and playing board games, though, curiously, there was no mention of the Oasis tribute band providing some tunes.

This is your time to shine, lads, as it were.

"I tried to do a best-dressed snowman competition yesterday, but it was so cold and the wind was so severe we didn't achieve that," Townsend added.

The pub is located 1,723 feet above sea level.


One of the guests, Martin Overton, told BBC News that the atmosphere was "very good" and, perhaps crucially, that there has "plenty of beer available" throughout the unique ordeal.

However, as of Sunday afternoon, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel...

Images via The Tan Hill Inn – Facebook