One further Covid-19 death reported, 686 new cases 11 months ago

One further Covid-19 death reported, 686 new cases

The latest Covid figures have been released.

One further Covid-19 death has been reported on Monday, as well as 686 new cases.


There has now been a total of 4,137 Covid-19 related deaths in Ireland, while 215,743 people have tested positive.

278 of today's cases are in Dublin, 49 are in Limerick, 37 are in Kildare, 32 are in Louth, 31 are in Donegal and the remaining 259 cases are spread across all remaining counties.

As of 8am today, 726 Covid-19 patients are hospitalised across the country, of which 156 are in ICU. 33 additional hospitalisations have occurred in the past 24 hours.

Deputy CMO Ronan Glynn said: "We continue to see really high levels of compliance amongst the population and this is having a positive impact on the levels of disease in our communities.

"It is also having a positive impact on our hospitals – while last week there were 269 cases in healthcare workers and 4 outbreaks in our hospitals these represent a very significant reduction compared with the 839 cases and 15 outbreaks in the week to the 7 of February.

"In time, vaccination will be our most powerful tool against Covid-19 and over the coming weeks those who are highest risk in our families and communities will get vaccinated.

"Our collective efforts move us closer to the continued re-opening of our schools and the resumption of non-Covid healthcare services."


Earlier on Monday, the Northern Ireland Department of Health reported that a further 187 individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

Sadly, a further four deaths have also been reported up north.

Speaking on Sunday night, Leo Varadkar said that 100,000 vaccinations will take place in Ireland this week and there will be 250,000 vaccinations each week from April.

"Summer should be better", he said.