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14th Dec 2014

Online glitch sees Amazon products sold for a penny each

Cheap at twice the price

Tony Cuddihy

Cheap at twice the price.

Online retailer Amazon suffered an online glitch that allowed certain customers to buy products for just one penny on its site.

Derry-based company RepricerExpress has apologised for a problem with a piece of software that adjusts the cost of items to make them cheaper than others.

“Glitches can happen in e-commerce just as they can in any business, and it was probably found out very quickly and resolved, ” said retail expert Dan Wagner.

“But in that small window, the lucky consumers who went online and bought some expensive products really have the right to keep them.”

One retailer says that the problem has cost her tens of thousands of pounds, with reporter Katie Spencer insisting the glitch spells disaster for certain businesses.

“Generally, [it was the] companies that keep the stock themselves that seem to have spotted this, and in those cases it should be OK, because they can cancel those orders,” she said.

“But it’s companies that store the stock with Amazon that are most vulnerable, because if they haven’t picked up that everything was reduced to a penny then those orders will have been shipped out.”