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People at an Orange Hall Halloween party were dressed as Hitler and dead Pope
A police investigation has been launched.

The 'fancy dress' party was organised by a flute band.

A Halloween fancy dress party is causing absolute outrage after a man and woman dressed as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun and two children who were portrayed to be Jewish boys, won the fancy dress competition.

An investigation by the Sunday Herald found that the image of the man dressed as Hitler was taken back in 2013 and the two children in the photo were wearing yellow star-shaped patches on their clothes

The man is giving the Hitler salute in the photo while standing beside a woman who is dressed like Braun and the two children are standing in front of them.

Group investigations writer for the Sunday Herald, Peter Swindon, explains how Hitler won best dressed on the flute band's Facebook page.

The investigation by the Sunday Herald has looked at the past couple of years of the fancy dress competition and they have found other scandalous entries from years previous.

In 2012, a party by the same flute band saw a member dress up as the Pope but was wearing a noose around their neck.


People painted their faces black which police have condemned as a racist display and two men were pictured holding a toy in a child size Celtic jersey against their private parts which police believe to be a reference to abuse by the Catholic Church.

Police have launched a full investigation into the matter and the photos which coincide with the investigation by the paper are now available on their site.

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