Over 800 students caught cheating on university exams in the last three years 6 years ago

Over 800 students caught cheating on university exams in the last three years

Apparently, UCD and NUIG students are the worst offenders...

Over 800 students have been caught cheating on their university exams according to new figures.


UCD were the only Irish institution reported to have suspended a student for their actions but none of the seven universities expelled a student for cheating.


Through the Freedom of Information Act, the Irish Daily Mail revealed that 839 students were caught cheating in the seven universities in Ireland in the academics years 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

It turns out that UCD and NUIG were the worst offenders, with 291 and 329 instances of cheating.


Lowest on the list came Trinity College with just one instance of cheating. We're pretty sure either Trinity students walk around with little halos over their heads or they're just far more adept at not getting caught...


DCU had eight cases of exam cheating but failed to include the figures for the year 2012-2013 and did not reveal details of the offenders were punished.

A DCU spokesman told the Irish Daily Mail: "Penalties may include a zero mark, the requirement to resit the compete assessment, repeat the year and, in certain circumstances, expulsion from the university.


"Additional work can also be imposed, for instance, a reflective essay on the importance of academic integrity".

Below is a breakdown of the number of people caught cheating per university.

NUI Galway: 329
University College Dublin: 291
University College Cork: 90
University of Limerick: 77
NUI Maynooth: 43
Dublin City University: 8 (not including 2012-2013)
Trinity College Dublin: 1