Oxford vaccine produces "strong immune response" in older adults 7 months ago

Oxford vaccine produces "strong immune response" in older adults

Even more positive news on the vaccine front.

The Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University produces a "strong immune response" in older adults, data from early trials has shown.


Around 560 healthy adult volunteers took part in the phase two trials, where they were given two doses of the vaccine candidate, or a placebo.

The results suggest that one of the groups most at risk of death or serious illness from Covid-19 may be able to build immunity through the vaccine.

A medical report in The Lancet said that the vaccine appears to be better tolerated in older adults than in younger adults, and has similar immunogenicity across all age groups after a boost dose.

Crucially, no adverse health problems were reported during the trials.

It said: "Further assessment of the efficacy of this vaccine is warranted in all age groups and individuals with comorbidities (the presence of one or more conditions in a person at the same time)."

Maheshi Ramasamy, a consultant and a co-lead investigator at the Oxford Vaccine Group, spoke about the positive findings, saying: "The robust antibody and T-cell responses seen in older people in our study are encouraging.

"The populations at greatest risk of serious Covid-19 disease include people with existing health conditions and older adults. We hope that this means our vaccine will help to protect some of the most vulnerable people in society, but further research will be needed before we can be sure."


This comes the day after Pfizer announced that it has completed the trial for its Covid-19 vaccine, which has shown the vaccine to have an efficacy rate of 95%, with no side effects.