PICS: Paddy Power builds ‘Donald Plaza’ in Clare to mark the arrival of Donald Trump in Ireland 11 months ago

PICS: Paddy Power builds ‘Donald Plaza’ in Clare to mark the arrival of Donald Trump in Ireland

‘A Yuge Welcome To The West.’

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has marked the arrival of US president Donald Trump in Ireland in typically mischievous fashion, by building a presidential service station in his honour in Clare.

The station, known as ‘Donald Plaza’, is located at the site of Sean McCarthy Autos in Lissycasey and is, of course, the second of its kind to be built on Irish soil in honour of a visit of a US president following the building of the Obama Plaza in Moneygall in Offaly in 2014.

With Trump due to land in Shannon Airport on Wednesday afternoon, the site has been decked out with banners marking his arrival in the west of Ireland, with messages such as ‘A Yuge Welcome To The west’, ‘Make Americanos Great Again’ and ‘Beautiful, Classy Plaza. Just Tremendous’.

Donald Plaza

Donald Plaza

Donald Plaza

Donald Plaza

All images via Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX 

Located a short spin from Doonbeg, where President Trump will stay in his own resort on Wednesday and Thursday night, 'Donald Plaza' also features a "tremendous" set of amenities, including:

  • ‘Make Americano Great Again’ Covfefe Café – Where patrons can grab and go by purchasing a pick-me-up for those long drives, inspired by one of the world’s most famous Twitter screw-ups.
  • Vlad’s Auto Repair - Quick and easy collusion – err, collision – repair, to help you fix anything. Cash only.
  • Golden Shower Facilities – A facility fit for a presidential powerhouse, not to be mistaken for a reference to a certain pee-tape controversy, because that was fake news.
  • Tremendous-Macs - The president is no stranger to hamburgers (or hamberders), so we’re serving up the absolute best.
  • Jose’s Wall Supplies - They’ll build it, and even better, they’ll pay for it.
  • Stormy’s Shakes – Because no hamberder is complete without indulging in a little guilty pleasure on the side to wash it down. Warning: They tend to repeat on you.

Commenting on the building of 'Donald Plaza', spokesman Paddy Power said: “Obama Plaza put Moneygall on the map. And, while we couldn’t trace any of his ancestors to the area, or the country for that matter, we thought this was as good a place as any to slap a service station in his honour.”

He continued: “It’s remote, features derelict views and the beginnings of a wall are currently under construction. The similarities between the Plaza and Trump are actually remarkable when you think about it.”