People have reacted bitterly to Enda Kenny's RTÉ interview 3 years ago

People have reacted bitterly to Enda Kenny's RTÉ interview

The taoiseach was speaking on RTÉ News.

After a week of scandal, involving government ministers, state organisations and the gardaí, calls for a general election have started to roll in.

Yes, so far the calls have come only from Gerry Adams, but the man is apparently a Twitter 'influencer', so we'll hesitantly say; he's got swag sway.

After such a hectic week in politics, it seemed a certainty that Enda Kenny was due to face a gruelling interview by the national broadcaster.

Some felt however the reality was a very different story...

Appearing on RTÉ News, Taoiseach Enda Kenny gave an interview which many felt was lacking in authenticity and failed to address the many issues of discontent that have been flooding the country.

Hospital waiting lists, the mismanagement of the HSE, corruption in the Gardaí and dire failings on the part of TUSLA, which included false accusations of sexual abuse by Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe, are just some of the grenades that have been ricocheting around Leinster House this week.

Whether Fine Gael can keep volleying the grenades, or Fianna Fáil decides to pull the pin on it all by retracting their support, it's a game that is going to be either won or lost by support from the stands.

And the stands? Well they seem angry.

Kenny did answer questions on the Brexit border saying that himself and Prime Minister Theresa May have agreed there will not be a return to a hard border and it is going to be a 'political challenge' as to how they figure that out.

Calls for an investigation into the Maurice McCabe scandal have been made across the country over the past few days, Fintan O'Toole's article in the Irish Times this week summed it up by saying; 'In one case, we are dealing with a cock-up of frightening proportions. In the other, we are dealing with a conspiracy that threatens the fundamental rights of every citizen of the State'

Details of the abuse suffered by Garda whistleblower have been circulating, and Kenny was reluctant to 'rule out' the possibility of a criminal investigation, as to whether the McCabe's character was intentionally maligned.

Kenny said 'The central issue is to find out was there or was not a scheme against (McCabe) based on erroneous allegations of sexual misconduct'.

When asked if he would like to apologise on behalf of the State agencies he replied, "I do"

The general consensus of the Taoiseach was, however disparaging.

What a week we have ahead.