People in shared ownership housing can’t swim in world’s first ‘floating’ pool 1 year ago

People in shared ownership housing can’t swim in world’s first ‘floating’ pool

Only some residents have enjoyed the views from London's sky pool.

The world’s first sky pool, which is positioned between two residential blocks in south London, has been a talking point over the last few days.


As temperatures soared this week, residents of Embassy Gardens apartment block in Nine Elms were able to cool off in a 'floating' transparent pool built between two city skyscrapers.

Famous London landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, can be seen from the outdoor pool, which is situated some 35 metres high.


However, not all residents of the apartment block are permitted to use the luxury sky pool.

Those who purchased their apartment under a shared ownership scheme, whereby you buy part of the property and pay rent on the rest, are not allowed to use the facility.


This means that only residents who bought or rented their flats at full price can use the transparent outdoor pool.

The developer said that the reason behind the decision is that shared ownership properties have a lower service charge and therefore some residents do not pay to maintain the apartment's swimming pool, bar, gym and cinema.

The Labour councillor for Queenstown, Aydin Dikerdem, responded to the issue on Twitter.

He said: "I see the sky-pool in my ward is trending. So a good opportunity to talk about Nine Elms and the role Wandsworth Tory Council and the then Mayor, Boris Johnson, played in shaping this part of London.


"This former industrial area in the heart of London was an incredible opportunity for a city facing a severe housing crisis. Yet from its inception, Conservative politicians have prioritised the private gain of developers over the public good."

Some shared ownership residents of the Nine Elms apartment block took to the Home Views website, to share their views on the issue of the sky pool.

One resident wrote: "I cannot use the facilities in the other building as we have shared ownership of the property which I feel is quite unfair."


Another said: "The service charge is also extremely high for the quantity and quality of service."

One shared ownership resident, however, seemed happy with the apartment block overall.

They wrote: "As a shared owner I have no access to facilities of the private building like the gym or swimming pool, however I do believe that the flat is affordable for shared ownership."