People are calling for permanent Savita Halappanavar memorial following referendum result 4 years ago

People are calling for permanent Savita Halappanavar memorial following referendum result

One petition is calling for a tribute to be erected in Galway.

People are calling for a permanent mural tribute to Savita Halappanavar following Saturday's news that Ireland had voted in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment.


While there is currently a temporary Savita mural, painted by the artist ACHES, which is located outside Dublin's Bernard Shaw pub, a number of people are now calling for a permanent memorial to be erected in her honour.


One petition in particular, set up by Naomi Oldenburg, is calling on Galway City Council to commemorate her life and tragic death by way of a memorial.

"Savita was by all accounts a bright, vibrant, kind young woman who was failed by the state," the petition reads. "Her kindness and life as an immigrant - who came to Ireland to provide care to people - should be recognised and celebrated.

"She deserves to be remembered, acknowledged, and her courageous family, who have been put through so much pain and hurt, deserve our thanks."


The message concludes, by saying: "After this vote we need to remember Savita, and allow Irish people a place to go to pay their respects to her and her family."

Savita died at University Hospital Galway in 2012 due to complications with her pregnancy.


Although she had requested an abortion after developing these complications, doctors by law were unable to perform the necessary termination that could have saved Savita her life.

She was refused because a foetal heartbeat was detected, and subsequently, she miscarried and died from sepsis one week after being admitted to hospital.

Her death became instrumental in mobilising a new generation of people to campaign for the removal of article 40.3.3 from the Irish constitution.

Following the landslide victory in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment on Saturday (26 May), Savita's father Andanappa Yalagi said: "We've got justice for Savita.

"What happened to her will not happen to any other family. I have no words to express my gratitude to the people of Ireland at this historic moment."