Pet deer kills owner and injures woman 1 year ago

Pet deer kills owner and injures woman

A pet deer in Australia has killed his owner, and then attacked the man's wife.

A 47-year-old man has been killed by his pet stag, after he had gone to feed the deer on his property on Wednesday morning.

The man's wife was then attacked by the deer when she rushed to his aid. She suffered life-threatening injuries, and was immediately flown to hospital.

The couple's son and daughter have travelled to Melbourne to be with their mother in hospital.

Police said they then shot and killed the deer at the scene near Wangaratta, a city roughly 250 kilometres from Melbourne. They did so due to "concerns for the paramedic's safety on scene".

The deer had been in the family for six years.

According to ABC, Steve Garlick, the chairman of the deer management committee at the Australian Deer Association, said it was extremely unusual for a deer to kill a person.

"Deer are much less likely to attack anyone than they are to run away from them," he said.