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02nd May 2020

Phoenix Park closed off by Gardaí after attempted protest

Carl Kinsella

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park was closed off on Saturday afternoon ahead of a planned protest against Covid-19 restrictions that was scheduled to take place there.

The march had been scheduled to begin at 2pm this afternoon (2 May), in conjunction with a worldwide “March for Freedom.” Video footage from the scene appears to show a Garda presence at the park’s Parkgate St. entrance, which was the proposed meeting point for the protest.

Video also shows metal barriers closing off the entire entrance, and several commenters on social media noted that they were asked to leave the park. Photos from inside the park reveal it to be practically empty following the Garda operation.

The protest was organised by Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters, who are also challenging the emergency Covid-19 laws in court.

Gardaí have been contacted by JOE for comment, but have yet to respond.