Pic: A cow was rescued by a lifeboat after it fell off a cliff in Dunmore East yesterday 7 years ago

Pic: A cow was rescued by a lifeboat after it fell off a cliff in Dunmore East yesterday

This might sound a bit far-fetched, but we can assure you that there’s no bull here.

The Dunmore East RNLI performed one of their more unusual rescues in Waterford yesterday after coming to the aid of a cow that had fallen off a cliff near Creadan Head in the Waterford Estuary, approximately two miles north of the town of Dunmore East.


According to the RNLI website, the volunteer crew from Dunmore East launched their all-weather lifeboat just before 4pm at the request of the Irish Coast Guard following a report that a small boat with three people on board was in difficulty.

As it turned out, the boat itself was not in difficulty, but was having trouble trying to rescue a cow that had fallen off a cliff and become stranded at the bottom, but after setting up a rope system for the three people on board the boat and with the assistance of the Dunmore East Coast Guard, the cow was eventually brought ashore safely.

dunmoreeastcow1 dunmoreeastcow

Pics via Dunmore East Lifeboat Facebook page. Picture Credit: Roy Abrahamsson


Commenting on the type of rescue that you don’t hear about every day, Dunmore East RNLI Deputy Coxswain Ray Power said: “As a lifeboat crew we never know what we might be facing each time we are called, but in this case thankfully the actual call was not as serious as we first thought, but we were glad we could help all the same and bring the cow to safety.”

The poor cow must have been fresian having been stranded so close to the water and we can only hope that she doesn’t heifer have to endure an-udder ordeal like that again.

Much like the cow would have been when returned to her normal surroundings yesterday, we can safely say that, in these circumstances, the Dunmore East RNLI proved that they are out standing in their field.