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01st Aug 2014

Pic: Did Bank of Ireland not notice that this lad was taking the piss out of them on Twitter?

Doesn't everyone get this reference...

Joe Harrington

Doesn’t everyone get this reference…

Bank of Ireland were on the receiving end of some stick yesterday after the was an issue with payments which left thousands of people without their wages. The bank have confirmed today that the transactions have been completed so everyone should have their hard earned dough for the long weekend.

A common way to get information in those sort of situations is to tweet the person or company involved and generally you get a response quicker than say, listening to Ave Maria on the phone for 30 minutes.

Bank of Ireland were inundated with tweets yesterday and today so the person running the social media was under a bit of pressure. The Kenmeister’s tweet to them was somewhat predictable but very funny. However, the response from Bank of Ireland’s account was even better/worse, we can’t decide.

The only explanation is that the person was so flummoxed, they didn’t spot the joke or else it was an auto-response, please let it have been the latter…

BOI tweet

Hat-tip to Kieran O’Connor for sending it our way.

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