Pic: Drunk man hangs upside down after impaling leg climbing over a gate to get into a pub. The gate was open 9 years ago

Pic: Drunk man hangs upside down after impaling leg climbing over a gate to get into a pub. The gate was open

We’ve all had those nights where we’ve had a few drinks, tried to climb over a gate, impaled our leg on a fence. Wait, hang on a second.

Chances are that some of you are going to have some wild nights over the coming days and weeks, but whatever happens, you’d do well to have as eventful an evening as one guy had in the UK over the weekend.


According to the Daily Mail, a man from Northampton was turned away at a pub called Fiddler’s on Saturday night because he was too drunk and in his efforts to enter the pub via a beer garden, he impaled his leg trying to climb over a gate that, it has since emerged, was open the entire time.

As a result, the poor fella was left hanging upside down until emergency services arrived shortly before 2am and we don’t feel as bad chuckling at his plight because it turned out that he was too drunk to feel any pain and ended up all hunky dory in the end.


Pic via newsteam


Fire crews had to spend half an hour cutting seven different parts of the fence in order to release the drunkard in question, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Saturday night.

Commenting on the bizarre episode, Rob Eastham, manager of Fiddler’s, is quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: “The bouncers came to his aid after he was calling out for some attention. He had been refused entry because he was so drunk.

“He tried to climb over the fence. Although the back gate was open and he could have just walked through it.

“They could not give him any pain relief as he had been upside down so long they could not find a vein.


“But he seemed fine and, maybe because of the drink, he did not seem to be feeling the pain.”

A fellow reveller who was in attendance on the night in question added: “Everybody found it hilarious the gate was open and had no need to climb over anyway.

“He seemed OK but it must have hurt a lot in the morning.”

He probably wasn’t the only one hanging after last Saturday night but he’s probably the only one that was literally hanging after a few too many. At least it will serve as a warning to anyone planning to drunkenly clamber over gates this festive season; just check that they’re actually closed first.