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20th Feb 2015

Pic: Dublin pub offers tasty discount on Sunday lunch for diners willing to leave their phones alone

An excellent idea

Conor Heneghan

We know where we’re going for grub this weekend.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but one of the drawbacks in the rise of the importance of smartphones is the effect it has on social interaction in public places.

Anything that can be done to counteract that phenomenon is encouraged and following on from the Galway pub that offered a complimentary drink to groups willing to put their phones in a box for 30 minutes, a Dublin Gastropub will be doing something similar to this weekend.

The Old Spot on Bath Avenue in Dublin are offering a hefty 20 per cent off lunch this Sunday, February 22, if diners at the table agree to lock up their phones beforehand.

How long could it be lads? An hour, an hour and a half max?

We’re sold anyway. Great idea folks.

Hat-tip: Irish Mirror

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