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04th Feb 2014

Pic: Incredibly unfortunate yet hilarious headline/picture juxtaposition in today’s Newry Democrat

As if gingers don’t have a hard enough time as it is…

Conor Heneghan

As if gingers don’t have a hard enough time as it is…

Getting your mug in the local paper is normally a cause for celebration, but we doubt the red-haired gentleman pictured in today’s Newry Democrat below will be cutting out and framing the page on which he is featured… and for a very good reason too.

The reason should become immediately apparent as soon as you cast eyes on the picture, but suffice it to say, because of the layout of the paper, readers are likely to associate him with the story above the picture, which relates to a foreign national who has been handed down a five-month sentence for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and calling a police officer a very rude name indeed.


It really is a shame, because the gentleman in question appears to be in the paper because he has been given an award or a presentation of some sort… presumably not for being a ‘F**king Ginger Irish B*****d’.

This is up there, if not quite on the same level as, our favourite picture/headline juxtaposition from a local Irish paper, which we need little excuse to roll out once again…


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