Pic: The Pogues have launched their own Irish whiskey 8 years ago

Pic: The Pogues have launched their own Irish whiskey

"At five o'clock in the evening, every b**tard there was piskey."

The famous Celtic punk band have teamed up with West Cork Distillers to launch their own Irish whiskey into the UK market.


The band are famous for their celebration of the amber liquid so it seems only fitting that they would have their own brand.

The Pogues themselves were out in Boogaloo pub in London’s Archway to promote the new whiskey over the weekend and the launch is said to be a great success.


Labelled 'The Pogues Irish Whiskey', the new drink is aimed at 25-35 year-olds and is said to be Ireland’s highest malt-containing blended Irish whiskey, with 50% grain and 50% single malt liquid.


“It’s been brilliant working with such experts to come up with a whiskey that we all think reflects our spirit and that we all like the taste of,” said The Pogues, famed for hits such as 'Fairytale of New York'. “It’s wonderful to add to the ranks of great Irish whiskeys and we hope it stands the test of time.”

Cheers lads...

Hat-tip to The Irish Post