Pics: HMV Grafton Street is moving to a brand new premises 6 years ago

Pics: HMV Grafton Street is moving to a brand new premises

HMV is on the move.

Before you start loading up Google maps or checking the night sky's constellation to help figure out how you're going to get to the brand new store, let us stop you right there.


The HMV store on Grafton Street is relocating to... drum roll... somewhere else on Grafton Street.

Thank God for that, because most Irish people of a certain age would say that Grafton Street really isn't Grafton Street without a HMV store on it.

HMV and Xtra-vision owners Hilco Capital have announced that the store will be moving from its current premises to a new location at 72 Grafton Street in June 2015.

Don't worry though, as HMV Grafton Street will continue operating as normal until the re-location takes place, so you can continue to stock up on any Sex And The City DVDs that you hadn't got around to buying just yet.

Larry Howard, MD of Hilco Capital Ireland, even tweeted some images of the brand new location, which is being built on the site of an old cinema. The perfect home.

HMV have also tweeted a statement of their own, which you can read in full below: