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13th Jun 2017

PICS: Next time you put your rubbish in someone else’s bin, you might consider this

Tony Cuddihy

Big Brother is watching.

Business owner Gabriel Matei called Joe Duffy on Tuesday to explain how he caught three men who were using his food company’s bins without permission.

Matei, who owns an artisan shop in Dundrum called ‘Baked’, noticed how he was being charged a lot more than he should have been for recent bin collections.

With that in mind, he installed a video camera near his shop to catch the culprits red-handed.

Do you recognise this van? Or the men clambering on Gabriel’s bins?

Gabriel hasn’t given the details to the Gardai but is considering it, and told Joe it just shows the lengths some people will go to and “how hard it is for ordinary decent business people at the moment.”

Listen to the interview in full here:

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Joe Duffy