Pics: The Irish state visit recreated in Lego form is just great 9 years ago

Pics: The Irish state visit recreated in Lego form is just great

Is there anything that doesn’t look better in Lego form?

The state visit of President Michael D Higgins to the UK has attracted wall to wall coverage in the media, at least on this side of the pond, in recent days.


But of all the footage and all of the pictures on television stations, on websites and in newspapers, none have quite the same impact as the commemorative pictures of the visit put together by Deputy Photo Editor of Irish music website GoldenPlec, Debbie Hickey. Why? Because they’re in lego form of course.

We’re not entirely sure whether Michael D did, in fact, arrive in a batmobile or whether himself and Queen Elizabeth were active participants in Taco Tuesday but we’d like to think that it actually happened and besides, don’t they look as regal and as dignified in Lego form as they do in real-life?

legostate1 legostate2 legostate3 legostate4 legostate5 legostate6

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If Debbie’s name rings a bell, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last year we featured both the brilliant recreation of the cast of Arrested Development as Lego characters and her ingenious way of bypassing a photography embargo on The Killer’s O2 gig last February by imagining what it would have looked like in Lego form.

To see more of Debbie’s work, you can follow her on Twitter here and check out her website here.