Pics: Van smashes into supermarket in Ennis 9 years ago

Pics: Van smashes into supermarket in Ennis

One person was hospitalised and four others were injured in this incident.

According to a report in The Clare Herald, at 8.30pm this evening a van somehow managed to avoid the safety bollards and a concrete pillar and reversed into the front of Lynch’s Centra on Gort Road in Ennis.



A one-inch thick sheet of glass, plus shelves and stock were left strewn all over the place after the incident. Five people were injured and paramedics from Ennis General, located only a few metres away, were on the scene extremely quickly.

One person was taken to hospital, while four others suffered minor injuries.


Centra car

Gardai are investigating the incident to determine just how it happened, and the Clare Herald report that the Gardai now believe the driver may have confused the brake pedal with the accelerator.