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28th Apr 2014

Picture: The UKIP accidentally used the first world problems meme on their website

We presume now that they have gotten to grips with memes, they're probably also au fait with the word 'fail'


We presume now that they have gotten to grips with memes, they’re probably also au fait with the word ‘fail’

If you’re not yet familiar with the ‘first world problems’ meme, then you’re probably new to the Internet. *Loud voice* HELLO. WELCOME TO THE WOOOOORLD OF TOMORROW!

Anyway, it seems that’s probably the case with UKIP, who accidentally used the same image as the incredibly famous meme as an ad on their website to get people to join their party, alongside one of their campaign slogans.

Ukip meme
Pic viaHuffington Post

Now obviously the whole ‘victims terrorism’ typo is not great, but we’ll leave that and the concept of it aside for the moment, simply because this was, as they say on the internet, a great big fail. Since the ad went up (and swiftly enough came back down) their error has been pointed out, again and again and again, leading to much derision and many laughs being had on social media channels.

In case you need some more context for this whole ‘first world problem thing’, here are a few examples:

first world meme
Pic via

first world meme 2
Pic via

fwp meme 3
Pic via

fwp meme 4
Pic via

Let the meme-making begin…

Hat-tip to BuzzFeed and Huffington Post

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