Piers Morgan says Sinn Féin's election success will lead to "inevitable collapse" of UK 1 year ago

Piers Morgan says Sinn Féin's election success will lead to "inevitable collapse" of UK

Morgan also accused former First Minister Arlene Foster of speaking like Donald Trump.

Controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan has said that the results of the recent Northern Ireland Assembly Election is showing the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom.


Sinn Féin is now the largest party in Stormont, taking home the most first-preference votes of any party.

This will allow the party to select a First Minister, a first for any nationalist party in the North.

Following the results, Morgan said on Twitter that Sinn Féin's success is incomprehensible to some people.


"I don’t think people fully understand the consequences of Sinn Fein’s success," Morgan said.

"We’re witnessing the impending and I think now inevitable collapse of the United Kingdom.."

Former DUP leader and former First Minister Arlene Foster replied to Morgan's sentiments, saying that he doesn't know the basic facts of the election.


"I have to say if people are going to comment on NI they should at least have the basics," Foster commented.

"Unionism is still the largest designation and nationalism lost more seats.


Morgan quickly fired back at Foster, accusing her of sounding like Donald Trump.

"Here’s a basic fact: Sinn Féin won 27 seats to become the largest party in NI & will now be entitled to nominate a first minister - a first for a nationalist party.

"Hope that’s basic enough for you Arlene Foster…"

Party leader Mary Lou McDonald has said that the party will be pushing for an Irish reunification referendum within the next five years.

"We believe that Irish unity is the best plan, the biggest opportunity for all of us who live on this island," McDonald said.


"Partition has been disastrous, led to conflict and no end of hardship."

"I believe that we are going to see these referendums, and there will have to be two bear in mind in north and south, in the coming years.

"Certainly within this decade, this decade of opportunity.

"We are going to see constitutional change on the island of Ireland."