PODCAST: How to get the hell out of Ireland by selling crisps, biscuits and seafood 6 years ago

PODCAST: How to get the hell out of Ireland by selling crisps, biscuits and seafood

 The Capital B episode 4 has arrived!

Leave the wind and rain and unseasonal frost behind and get a slice of global pie with this week's The Capital B.


Presented by renowned journalist and author Nick Webb, The Capital B brings you business savvy with  JOE founder Niall McGarry and Róisín Hogan, the Irish woman who very nearly became Alan Sugar's business partner on the The Apprentice.

This week the panel talks about the unlikely combination of Vaseline and Hoovers and gets sucked into the nitty gritty of expanding out beyond our Emerald Isle.

Tom Keogh drops in to talk about his eureka moment of selling potatoes to the USA and we surprise him with a taste test to see if he can live up to his big talk of being able to identify every crisp brand on the Irish market blindfolded.

The biscuit mogul and former Fig Roll queen, Alison Cowzer, reveals the most popular biscuit in Ireland and the billion euro industry of chocolate digestives.


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5.00- Tom Keogh arrives with some sexy descriptions of salt and chorizo.

18.15- Introducing the ultimate taste test of cheese & onion crisps.

24.42- Róisín Hogan talks about the sliding scale of chilli hotness allowed on supermarket shelves.


26.28- The King of Connemara, Richard King, on the perceived royalty of Ireland's seafood industry.

37.20- Alison Cowzer arrives and pointblank refuses to give away the secret of the Fig Roll.