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17th Aug 2019

Police are on the hunt for a man that stole over $187,000 worth of cheese

Paul Moore

cheese recall

When cheese is life.

Police in southern Ontario are on the hunt for a man who allegedly stole $187,000 worth of cheese, as reported by local news outlet CP24.

Provincial police say the cheese went missing from a business in Oxford County last Friday.

Reports state that the robber went to the business and claimed to be the rightful owner of a shipment of cheese that was originally bound for New Brunswick.

While we’re uncertain about the exact events of the robbery, we really hope that somebody interjected and told the robber “hey, that’s nacho cheese.”

At this point, perhaps the robber realised that the police were onto him and said to himself “Oh crap! It’s the feds. Cheese it!”

On a more serious note, police have since determined that the man used fraudulent paperwork to claim the shipment.

Anyone with information on the cheese theft is being asked to come forward and report it to the local police.

A harrowing tale and proof that some people are just up to no gouda. A grate crime story for the modern age.

To the police that are pursuing this thief, brie strong and remember that the public are not very fondue of criminals like this.