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14th Dec 2018

Here are the top 10 search trends on Pornhub in 2018

Dave Hanratty

Pornhub trends 2018

We’re not ones to judge, but a female version of Bowser from the Super Mario franchise? REALLY?

The results of the most important gathering of information in all of 2018 are in; Pornhub’s extremely comprehensive year in review.

The sixth annual study is exceedingly detailed, taking in the year in numbers, top searches, amount of time people spent on the website, gender and age demographics, specific technology utilised and how world events affected traffic.

But you only want to know one specific thing, don’t you?

That’s right, you’re here to discover what were the most searched-for terms across the world this calendar year.

Well, look no further…

Pornhub searches

Image via Pornhub

Let’s break that top 10 down.

Stormy Daniels achieved major notoriety via her association with the 45th President of the United States of America, so you can understand why people would be intrigued enough to check out her work.

Fortnite… is a video game. Are people looking for Twitch streams of the game? Or is there something a bit murkier going on?

The data notes that Fortnite “rocketed from obscurity” to make the upper echelons of the list and that searches would spike dramatically every time a new character was released for the game.

Indeed, video game characters are so sought after on Pornhub that it gets its own separate bracketing. Again, no judgement. That’s coming, though.

4k makes sense. If you’re going to commit, you might as well have the sharpest aesthetic possible. Romantic in fourth spot is really quite touching, actually.

Trans, meanwhile, offers a strong sense of societal progression. Good job, gang!

Outdoor remains a kink for many, as do Tattoos. You might think that Tinder placing so high on the list is again a case of people confusing what app they’re using, but it appears that Pornhub boasts over 3500 Tinder-themed adventures so go figure.

And now, at last, we come to the ninth spot. Bowsette.

‘What’s a Bowsette?’ you may well ask.

Well, dear reader, it is, of course, a fan-made female incarnation of the main villain from the Super Mario franchise spliced with the Princess from said series.

And it looks like this:


Image via GeekSpin

I mean, what? Why? Who? How? 

Again, we’re really not here to kink-shame but… really?

And in 10th, er, position, it is the good old-fashioned Threesome which now seems quite tame by comparison.

Some other notable stats include 33.5 billion visits to Pornhub throughout 2018, 92 million average daily visits, 962 searches per second and 4,791,799 videos uploaded in total.

There really is quite a lot of information in the official report, so feel free to get lost in that – and it’s entirely safe for work – right here.

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