An Post introduces new ‘Request a Check-In’ and newspaper delivery services 2 years ago

An Post introduces new ‘Request a Check-In’ and newspaper delivery services

An Post is providing an excellent service.

An Post has announced it is launching two new services to help support communities during the current Covid-19 crisis.


The first of these is a "Request a Check-In" service, which allows family members to request a specific check-in on an elderly or vulnerable family member by the local postman or postwoman.

Family members can register for the free ‘Request a Check-In’ service by completing the postal address and eircode of the customer on the An Post website here.

The information will be relayed to the local postman or postwoman in the area, who will call to the address on their rounds.

“Our postmen and postwomen are calling in to older and vulnerable customers along their postal routes but we have been getting messages from concerned family members living in other areas of the country or abroad requesting specific ‘check-ins’ for relatives," said Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director of An Post Mails & Parcels.


“Working with our dedicated and trusted staff, and the Communications Workers Union, we are delighted to put this new facility in place free-of-charge, combining the digital and physical delivery sides of the business for the common good."

If the customers have any specific needs such as groceries or prescriptions, An Post will provide them with details for the charity ALONE, or else contact the charity on their behalf.

An Post has also launched a newspaper delivery service to provide a same-day delivery service nationwide to houses on weekdays.

Customers can find out more about ordering their chosen newspaper on the An Post website or by contacting their chosen national or local newspaper directly by phone.