Met Éireann issue warning for potato blight this week 8 months ago

Met Éireann issue warning for potato blight this week

Yep, as in the thing that caused the Famine.

As if the weather couldn't be any more miserable at the moment.


Met Éireann have issued a warning that upcoming weather conditions are "conducive to the spread of potato blight".

Isn't that just great?

The counties affected by these conditions are DonegalLeitrim, MayoSligo, and west Galway.

The weather conditions are set to arrive this coming Thursday and Friday (26-27 May).


Met Éireann has said that there will be some opportunities for spraying between showers on Tuesday and Wednesday (24-25 May) to protect your crops.

If you are concerned that your fields may be affected, keep an eye out for:

  • Brown freckles of patches on the leaves.
  • Yellowish border spreading from the brown patches.
  • Dark patches on tubers.
  • Inside of the tuber is brown and rotting from the skin down.
  • The potatoes will eventually turn into soggy, foul-smelling masses.

According to gardening experts Horkans, these are the tips to follow if you wish to protect your crop from the blight:

  • The best way to prevent potato blight is to plant a good blight-resistant variety.
  • Make sure potatoes are well earthed up to prevent spores getting into the tubers.
  • Spray leaves and stems with a preventative treatment.
  • Be aware of weather warnings.
  • Check regularly for signs of infection.

Ireland is set for a spell of unsettled weather with "showers most days" next week, according to Met Éireann's forecast.

On Monday morning, showers will become widespread, interspersed with bright or sunny spells.

The showers will turn increasingly heavy in the afternoon with possible thundery downpours, particularly in the east.


Conditions are set to feel fresher with highest temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees and a moderate breeze.

As for the days after this, the Irish meteorological service outlook reads:

"Further showers on Thursday with winds moderating, signs of drier weather later in the week.

"Temperatures will rise slightly into the mid-teens."