Public reminded of “unacceptable” Covid behaviour in new HSE campaign 1 month ago

Public reminded of “unacceptable” Covid behaviour in new HSE campaign

Stay at home if you're unwell.

The HSE has launched a new campaign highlighting the importance of not attending work or any other events if you have symptoms of Covid-19.


The new ‘Thank you’ advertising message asks people not to attend work or any other events if they have Covid-19 symptoms and will run alongside complementary messages on day-to-day Covid-19 protective behaviours.

Introducing the new campaign, Dr. Colm Henry, HSE Chief Clinical Officer said it was "unacceptable" to attend work or events if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

"Going to work with any cold and flu-like symptoms, waiting and seeing how you feel, attending a social event with a cough, or even when you just had a Covid test – these things now have to become unacceptable," Dr Henry said.

"We know from our research and planning that this advice is not easy for everyone for follow. There is a lot of pressure on people to work, to get back to business, and a great desire to enjoy opportunities to safely meet friends and family again.

"But, if we don’t take prompt action when we have Covid-19 symptoms – by staying at home and getting a test – we put others at risk. Our hope is that we can all work together – employers, family and friends – to make this behaviour an essential part of how we protect each other."

The public are reminded that the symptoms of Covid include a cough, change in taste or smell, and fever but symptoms can sometimes be mild, or resemble a cold or flu. The HSE is asking people not to dismiss symptoms and further spread Covid-19.

If you notice any symptoms of Covid-19, the HSE advises to:

  1. Stay at home - don’t go to work, shops or social events.
  2. Check for advice.
  3. Get a Covid-19 test.

Covid-19 tests are free of charge from the HSE and can be booked online on the HSE website.

After a Covid-19 test

Even if your Covid test result is negative or not detected, being out and about with respiratory symptoms or a cold or the flu risks passing on your infection, driving others to need Covid-19 tests or become unwell. Please stay at home until you are free of symptoms for 48 hours.