Public warned about aggressive birds during warm summer months 3 years ago

Public warned about aggressive birds during warm summer months

Just like people, some birds can be dicks...

The public have been urged to be wary of aggressive birds during the warm summer months as calls to deal with seagulls and pest birds have increased by 86% in the first half of this year.


July is a part of a seagull’s nesting season, when the birds are the most protective of their eggs and chicks, and at their noisiest and most aggressive.

This is the period of time when they are most likely to attack members of the public, according to Rentokil.

They also advised people not to keep food sources in the open and to be aware of droppings of seagulls and other pest birds contain bacteria including E. coli and salmonella, and can lead to the spread of infections through surface contamination, inhaling bacteria from dried droppings, or being transferred by bird mites.

“We encourage members of the public to treat seagulls with caution and keep their distance from them where possible, as they are at their most aggressive at this time of year," Richard Faulkner, Advanced Technical Field Consultant for Rentokil said.


"As the weather improves, and people start spending more time outside this summer, this is also the period of time where people and seagulls are most likely to cross paths. To discourage the presence of seagulls and other pest birds from your home or business, you should ensure to keep any possible food sources well hidden.

"Another important step is to make sure bin lids are secure and rubbish bags are not left in the open, as gulls have sharp beaks that will make short work of bin bags.”