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24th Oct 2018

Rapper dies falling off the wing of a plane while filming music video stunt

Wil Jones

He failed to open his parachute in time.

A Canadian rapper has died while filming an airborne stunt for a music video.

34-year-old Jon James McMurray fell from the wing of the plane he was walking across and rapping.

According to Murray’s manager, Ryan Desrochers, the small Cessna plane went into a downward spiral. Murray held onto the wing for too long, and once he had let go, there was not enough time for him to open his parachute.

Desrochers said Murray had trained “intensively” for the stunt.

A close friend of Murray echoed his manager’s words: “He planned for everything. It should have been straightforward,” Rory Wayne Bushfield told The Vancouver Star. “It’s one of those things. We’re not really sure what happened.”

The incident happened on Saturday, in British Columbia.

Calgary-born Murray rapped under the name Jon James. He had previously been a professional skier, but after suffering a broken back turned to music.

He’d jumped out of planes in previous music videos.

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