This man has reinvented the hearse and it's the thing of farmers' dreams 1 year ago

This man has reinvented the hearse and it's the thing of farmers' dreams

Genius doesn't begin to describe this.

The traditional funerals don't always do a person's life justice. Sometimes you need to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a fitting tribute.

So, how better to go that extra mile, than to have it pulled by a tractor.

Introducing My Hearse, My Way, a new service that gives farmers (or people who just love getting a good spin around) the chance to leave this world on the thing they love best.

A tractor.

The company, which has just recently been launched by Aaron Grew (the world's new hero) uses a trailer designed similarly to the back-end of a hearse, while the front resembles one man, and one man only. Mr. John Deere.

Alternatively, the hearse-trailers can be attached to a lorry, a car or van, all of which sound tempting, but let's be honest here: who would rather forget the tractor and be wheeled to the church by a van or a Coca-Cola lorry (unless you are really sentimental about those Christmas ads)?

"My Hearse, My Way has been established to provide a personally tailored and professional send off to your departed loved one", Mr. Grew writes.

"Our hearses offer a unique opportunity for a family member to transport their loved one for one last spin to the church behind their own favourite tractor, lorry, harvester, quad, car or business van.

"We feel this is a lovely symbol and tribute to a life well lived, and we hope to maybe bring a small smile, from fond memories, on what is always a difficult day for families."

My Hearse, My Way provides a fitting tribute to farmers and tractor enthusiasts, Our hearse really does look the part...

Gepostet von My Hearse, My Way am Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

Modelling one example, he writes: "Our hearse really does look the part behind this stunning example of a Massey Ferguson 399", before quickly adding "Please note these photos are staged and the coffin is empty."

Without question, My Hearse, My Way is the business venture that's probably going to shape how the 2018 funeral looks.