Lucinda Creighton has lost her seat in Dublin Bay South 7 years ago

Lucinda Creighton has lost her seat in Dublin Bay South

A bad day for Renua.

Another high profile political casualty in the General Election has occurred in Dublin Bay South as Renua Ireland leader Lucinda Creighton has lost her seat in the constituency. Fine Gael duo Eoghan Murphy and Kate O’Connell are on track to be elected while Fianna Fáil’s Jim O’Callaghan, Eamon Ryan of the Green Party and Labour’s Kevin Humphreys remain in contention.


Earlier today sources close to Creighton's own camp earlier expressed concern for the political future of the former Fine Gael member and Minister of State for European Affairs.

Juno McEnroe of the Irish Examiner revealed the first fears that were expressed earlier this afternoon.


In an interview with RTE , Creighton remained optimistic about holding onto her seat saying, "Fingers crossed that I will hold my seat, but if I don’t I’m very philosophical about these things  You’re giving yourself a disadvantage when you do something like that [leaving a party] but I didn’t want to be an independent, I wanted to give the country an alternative and with Renua we’ve done that. It’s not a bad day, it could be better maybe. Billy (Timmins) will hold his seat in Wicklow, and I’m hopeful I’ll hold on but I don’t think we’ll know until tomorrow.  We’re building for the future.”

The Renua leader arrived at the RDS earlier this afternoon to a very mixed reception, she received applause from some and booing by others, but the electorate in her constituency have spoken.