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26th Oct 2022

Fines for 16 road safety offences will double from midnight tonight

Stephen Porzio

The changes are being introduced as part of efforts to tackle “dangerous behaviours” on roads.

Fines relating to 16 road safety offences are to double from Thursday (27 October).

Taking effect from midnight, some of the fines that are doubling include speeding (from €80 to €160), mobile phone use (€60 to €120), non-wearing of seatbelts (€60 to €120) and failing to ensure that a child is properly restrained (€60 to €120).

On top of this, certain fines relating to safety offences committed by learner and novice drivers will also increase.

The fine for a learner permit holder driving a vehicle unaccompanied by a qualified person will rise from €80 to €160.

Meanwhile, the fine for novice and learner drivers not displaying ‘L’ or ‘N’ plates, or tabards in the case of motorcyclists, will double to €120.

Minister of State at the Department of Transport Hildegarde Naughton said that the changes are being implemented to tackle dangerous behaviours that are having “a huge impact on the numbers of people dying and being seriously injured” on Irish roads.

“The doubling of fines that are going to come in at midnight tonight, these are the main reasons why we have the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads,” she told Newstalk Breakfast on Wednesday.

“This is evidence-based. It’s the number of people speeding, using a mobile phone when driving, not wearing a seatbelt. So, all of these are going to double.”

As of 26 October 2022 there have been 123 people killed on Irish roads this year, an increase of 12 fatalities compared to the same date in 2021.