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02nd May 2018

WATCH: Rollercoaster stalls mid-twist, leaving dozens of people hanging upside down for hours

Rory Cashin

This is like an actual nightmare come to life.

64 people. 100 feet in the air. Upside down for two hours.

No, this isn’t the set-up for some Final Destination movie.

This actually happened in Japan this week, when the Jurassic Park-themed rollercoaster “Flying Dinosaur” in Japan’s Universal Studios suddenly stopped mid-twist.

NDTV report that two separate carriages stopped – one during the upward climb, and another on its way the terminal – which caused the rollercoaster’s safety systems to be activated.

Helicopter footage of the rescue has been uploaded to Youtube, which shows park staff attempting to unbuckle the passengers.

Clip / Main image via 朝日新聞社

Two hours later, the park was able to re-start the ride, and despite the events that had just transpired, local news outlet Asahi Shimbun claimed there was still a long line of people wanting to get on the ride.

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