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10th Jul 2018

WATCH: The Sun’s Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews shows why UK journalists shouldn’t talk about Ireland

Tony Cuddihy

Emily Andrews

Just when we thought there were no more ways to butcher the pronunciation of Taoiseach, step forward The Sun’s Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews.

Let’s hope Emily Andrews never gets stuck in a lift in Crowe’s Park with Irish Tea Set Leo Varadkar. Awkward.

We’re sure The Sun’s Royal Correspondent is an educated person who can write all the words wot she thinks really good, and that, but she has not a clue about our little nation of begobs, begombeens and how the fuck do I even begin to explain the Modh Coinníollach.

In just 15 seconds on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, Emily managed to…

  • Mispronounce Taoiseach as ‘Tea Set’
  • Rebrand Varadkar as the Irish Prime Minister
  • Describe how Prince Harry and Meghan, Dutchess of Sussex would visit ‘Crowe’s Park’.
  • Rebrand ‘Crowe’s Park’ as a football stadium.
  • Reveal how the royal couple will be doing ‘some small kind of sensitive stuff’ like seeing some Bloody Sunday relics, as you do, before the football and Love Island and that…

And they wonder why we’re supporting Croatia on Wednesday night?

“They are going to jump on a plane and head over to Dublin for their mini-tour this evening and tomorrow,” Andrews said.

“They are going to meet the President of Ireland, the tea set – the Irish Prime Minister, they are going to Crowe’s Park, the big football stadium there.

“They’re also doing quite a lot of small sensitive stuff.

“They are seeing some of the Bloody Sunday relics in Crowe’s Park and going to the immigration museum.”

Fifteen seconds of sheer wonder.

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