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24th Apr 2016

RTÉ to move political reports indoors, following recent pranks on the street

Alan Loughnane

The days of Martina Fitzgerald reporting live from outside Government buildings are at an end.

RTÉ have made the decision to abandon live reports outside the Dáil from its political correspondent Martina Fitzgerald, following a series of… incidents in recent weeks.

While presenting her reports, Ms Fitzgerald has become a target of interruptions whereby passing members of the public make comments during broadcasts, according to The Sunday Times.

RTÉ chose to move the reports inside in the future following three instances of sabotage over the past number of weeks.

We all know the kinds of comments they make

In fairness to her, she maintains her composure amazingly well in these instances, because we know we’d be the colour of a particularly ripe tomato if it happened to us.

Although as pranks go, it has to be one of the worst to catch on around the world and it’s pretty sad that someone can’t do their job without someone hassling them and making it difficult.

We will reiterate what we’ve said before…

We can sum this kind of carry on up in five words: ah here. Leave it out.

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