Ryan Tubridy is reportedly returning to his radio show in September 1 month ago

Ryan Tubridy is reportedly returning to his radio show in September

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy will reportedly return to the airwaves in September.

Ryan Tubridy stepped away from his radio show following the RTÉ payment scandal, this summer. Insiders now claim he is set to return to his RTÉ Radio 1 show, next month.


A source told The Irish Sun that there is "no valid reason why" Tubridy shouldn't be allowed back on air. The Government insider is also quoted in the piece, saying:

"The feeling among most politicians is that Ryan Tubridy was hard done by and a number of accounting errors were made. Once the understatement of his salary was realised RTE management ­panicked and effectively hung him out to dry."

They added, "We’ll be expecting to see him back on his radio show in September."

Ryan Tubridy Ryan Tubridy stepped away from his radio show, earlier this year. (Credits; Rolling News)

Ryan Tubridy set to return €150,000

The article notes that Ryan Tubridy will pay back the additional €150,000 in bonus payments before he returns to his radio show.

Minister Catherine Martin will also receive a report later this month about the incident. She will present the report to the Taoiseach and Cabinet in September.


The Grant Thornton Report into Tubridy's additional payments between 2017 and 2019 will reportedly clear Tubridy of all wrongdoing. The report claims he never actually received the additional funds.

The update comes after Tubridy paid tribute to his friend and singer Sinead O'Connor. In a piece in The Irish Times, Tubridy said O'Connor supported him throughout the scandal.

"Two weeks ago, I was in Clifden escaping from reality when my phone rang. It was Sinéad – ‘Jesus man, what the f**k is going on?’ – and so began a very long chat about life and the universe. I won’t go into more detail but she understood darkness, she understood loyalty, she understood family and she understood love."

Oliver Callan had been standing in for Ryan Tubridy, over the summer months, with Brendan Courtney taking over for a week, this Monday.


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