All Ryanair flights to and from Irish airports today are operating normally 7 months ago

All Ryanair flights to and from Irish airports today are operating normally

However, further disruptions cannot be ruled out.

All Ryanair flights flying to and from Ireland on Thursday, apart from the 30 that were cancelled earlier in the week, have gone ahead as scheduled, according to the airline.

Ryanair's media team took to Twitter at 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon to inform passengers that all scheduled flights, apart from previously cancelled ones, have been operating as normal.

"All 262 of our flights to/from Irish airports today are operating as normal thanks to the great work of our pilots and cabin crews," the statement read.

"There has been no customer disruption other than the 30 flights which were cancelled on Tuesday (and all these customers switched flights or selected refunds.)"

Ryanair released a statement on Tuesday afternoon confirming that 30 of 290 of Thursday's flights would be cancelled in an effort to alleviate stress on Ryanair staff.

"We have tried to avert this disruption, which is unnecessary given Ryanair pilots’ and their union FORSA has received written proposals on seniority, annual leave and base transfers, which are what FORSA claims are the reasons for this strike, yet FORSA has rejected 21 separate invitations to meet Ryanair to negotiate these documents," the statement read.

The statement went on to say that further disruptions could not be ruled out.

"We cannot rule out further disruptions in July and August, especially when some Aer Lingus pilots wrote officially to the DAA on 25 June – some 10 days before the results of the Ryanair pilot ballot were known – to advise that they were “contemplating a series of 1 and 2 days strikes in July and August”," it read.

"It is unacceptable that competitor airline pilots are actively organising strikes by Ryanair’s pilots when these airlines will be the direct beneficiaries of any such disruption."

This follows weeks of strike threats made by Ryanair staff.

Last week, Ryanair pilots, who are directly employed by the airline, voted for strike action following a dispute over management’s approach to transferring pilots between its European and African bases.

Several days later, cabin crews in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Belgium announced they were also set to strike in solidarity with their colleagues.

Customers who are travelling on a Ryanair flight to/from Ireland on Thursday 12 July and who have not already received an email or text notification, should expect that their flight will operate as planned.

These passengers should check in as normal at their departure airport on Thursday.