Ryanair cabin crew in Spain announce 12 days of strikes in July 1 year ago

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain announce 12 days of strikes in July

The unions have accused Ryanair of using "fear, coercion, and threats against its employees".

Ryanair is expecting "minimal" disruptions to its flights operating to and from Spain in July as a result of upcoming strikes from Spanish-based cabin crews.


USO (Unión Sindical Obrera) and SITCPLA (Sindicato Independiente de Tripulantes de Cabina de Pasajeros de Líneas Aéreas) confirmed 12 days of strikes between from 12-28 July.

"Ryanair unions and crew members are once again showing their protest and calling on the airline to change its attitude," the unions said in a joint statement on Saturday (2 July).


"They are asking the airline to return to the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement that includes decent working conditions under Spanish law."

USO and SITCPLA are calling on the Government and the Spanish Minister of Labour and Social Economy Yolanda Díaz to "not allow Ryanair to violate labour legislation and constitutional rights such as the right to strike."

The unions made a series of accusations against the airline, saying that it "does not comply with court rulings, does not comply with the law and uses fear, coercion and threats against its employees."

In a statement on Sunday (3 July), Ryanair confirmed that it expected "minimal (if any) disruption to its flights operating to/from Spain as a result of cabin crew strikes called by the USO and SITCPLA unions."


"Less than 1% of Ryanair’s flights have been affected in the past month by recent minor and poorly supported cabin crew strikes called by unions who are either not recognised by or who represent tiny numbers of Ryanair crews," the airline said.

"Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airport staff shortages across Europe, which are beyond Ryanair’s control may however cause some minor disruption and any passengers whose flights are disrupted by ATC staff shortages will be notified of their entitlements by email/SMS."