Scotland to set aside hundreds of police officers in case of Brexit disorder 4 years ago

Scotland to set aside hundreds of police officers in case of Brexit disorder

29 March is fast approaching.

Police Scotland has confirmed plans to put 360 officers on standby to deal with any incidents relating to the potential impact of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.


Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to Remain within the EU, is worried about the risk of "protests and disruption at ports" that could arise from March onwards.

As things stand, the UK is headed for a no-deal Brexit on 29 March. The consequences of such a move are unclear, but restaurants and supermarkets have warned that there could be empty shelves in the immediate aftermath.

Similarly, there is speculation that medicines could be in short supply if supply lines to and from the United Kingdom are compromised by the absence of a trade deal.

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr said: "This is purely a contingency at this stage and part of our planning to allow us to give officers the required notice about changes to their shifts under police regulations.


"These officers will be deployed to local policing duties when not required for policing purposes related to Brexit.

"We have taken this decision so that we have enhanced capacity to respond to greater policing demands during this period. Our principle focus is, and will remain, the safety of the citizens of Scotland."

This latest report comes shortly after Garda Commissioner Drew Harris disputed rumours that Gardaí were planning to send hundreds of officers to the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"Reports of 600 Gardaí to be moved to the border are entirely incorrect. I have not discussed this matter neither have I considered this proposal," he said.


"The increasing deployment of Gardaí to all policing regions including the Northern Region is commensurate with a growing organisation.