Seán Cox will move to England as he steps up his rehabilitation programme 4 years ago

Seán Cox will move to England as he steps up his rehabilitation programme

"Seán has made progress".

Seán Cox will be moving to England as he steps up his rehabilitation programme.

Mr. Cox will soon be moving to a specialist neurological facility in the north of England for an initial twelve-week rehabilitation programme that's focused on developing his speech and movement.

The Meath man suffered serious injuries after an unprovoked attack ahead of the Champions League semi-final match between Liverpool and AS Roma at Anfield in April 2018.

In a statement to Liverpool's official website, Seán’s wife, Martina Cox said: “Seán has made progress over the past 18 months but it is extremely slow. He finds it very difficult to express himself verbally and, while it seems he can hear and understand more, his speech remains very challenged. It is unlikely that he ever will walk again, which is difficult to accept for someone as active as Seán used to be.

“On the positive side, he remains an avid sports fan and is always in a great mood when watching Dublin GAA or Liverpool on the television. We are about to start a renovation of our house in Dunboyne which will hopefully be finished by Christmas, making it wheelchair accessible and installing specialist equipment which will mean Seán can spend time in the family home rather than continually being in a hospital environment.

“Being able to bring Seán to England for rehabilitation and, in time, having him spend more time in our adapted home is all privately funded and has been made possible by the generosity of so many people and organisations who took Seán into their hearts. The Cox family remain hugely grateful on Seán’s behalf for the ongoing show of support.”

For those that are interested in helping Mr Cox's rehabilitation fund, you can donate via the SupportSeán campaign.

We wish him the very best with his recovery in the new surroundings.

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