NHS statistics reveal cases of a specific sex-related injury have skyrocketed 10 months ago

NHS statistics reveal cases of a specific sex-related injury have skyrocketed

Figures show a sharp spike in cases

There has been a worrying increase in the number of people who have injured their penis during sex, NHS figures have revealed in the UK.


Stats show the number of surgeries is up by 37 per cent year-0n-year, leaving medics baffled as to why that could be.

According to numbers reported in The Starprofessionals had to fix a whopping 169 fractured penises in the year up to last April - 46 more than the same period the year before.

Experts are scratching their heads over why the sudden increase might have occurred, with some saying it could be a result of more men using Viagra to up their chances of performing.

The majority of procedures are being carried out on men in their 30s, even though two people in their 70s also had painful problems last year.


To fix the penis it has to be cut to enable medics to stitch the tear. According to London-based consultant urologist Gordon Muir, such breaks can take place during romps when the penis comes out but gets bent when it attempts to re-insert.

He said this can commonly happen when the woman is in an "on top" position. Gordon added: "Most men feel a pop or crack and lose their erection.

"There’s usually bruising. The penis can look like an aubergine. If untreated, erectile dysfunction or scarring can cause serious long-term problems.”

One long-term cure could soon be set to be on the market after boffins made significant strides towards creating the world's first bionic penis.


Experts say the apparatus could restore erectile function, with early tests on pigs showing some encouraging signs.

The synthetic penis mimics a fibrous sheath of tissue that keeps blokes up to the job. It could repair injuries caused by sex, car and machine accidents, gunshot wounds or burns.