Shan Tynan's supporters have performed a Valentine's Day miracle 5 years ago

Shan Tynan's supporters have performed a Valentine's Day miracle

Wow, amazing generosity.

An ambitious GoFundMe campaign to raise enough money to send Carlow 18-year-old Shauntelle 'Shan' Tynan to the USA for life saving cancer treatment has toppled its €500,000 target.


Shan was diagnosed with multi-system Langheran’s cell histiocytosis in 2015 and travelled to Houston, Texas for specialist treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Because she needed to leave Europe to access the necessary treatment for her condition, Shan's care is not covered by the HSE’s Treatment Abroad Scheme, forcing those closest to her to raise every cent needed to save her life.

This week, in a heartbreakingly honest video, she shared her story and what it really feels like to suffer from a rare disease:


Last week after a family holiday, the teenager found herself back in hospital where she had a supra pubic catheter fitted to relieve the extreme pressure and pain.

Now her doctor in the US has asked that she return to Texas for four months for treatment... at a cost of almost half a million euro.

Explaining on GoFundMe, Shan's mum Leona said:

"She has started yet another chemo and is still an inpatient. We have discussed her current health with her primary care physician in Texas Children's Hospital Dr. Kenneth Mc Clain and it has been decided that her best chance to beat this is to get her back to Texas for a period of approximately four months in order to find a combination that her body will respond to and get her to the healthy vibrant 18 year old she deserves to be.


This comes at a huge price and after much negotiation the quote has come in at $527,000. The need to get her back is urgent and we have a provisional date of September 28th.

We can't do this alone and need your help. Any donation even €1 is one step closer for Shan. I refuse to give up on my child and let her suffer a day longer than necessary. I'm pleading with you all to please help my daughter get this treatment and help in any way possible to raise the necessary funds #teamshan #histiowarrior #neverevergiveup.

Happily, Shan's fans all over the world answered her mum's plea and supporters have been donating what they can. The current total? €531,021 and rising.

"Thank you all so much for your incredible support," Shan's mum posted on the page.
"... every donation is a step closer to target and getting Shan's life back xx we can't thank you all enough!
We are blown away by all you are doing to help, I wish we could thank each and everyone of you individually you have no idea how much your support means to us xx Please keep sharing and help Shan to fight this monster"

You can donate here.