A shop that sells all Irish food products has opened in London 5 months ago

A shop that sells all Irish food products has opened in London

Perfect for any Irish people living in the city.

For any Irish expats living in London, commuting over Christmas must have been a nightmare with the constant threat of drones combined with the fact that bank balances were probably approaching zero due to the festive season.

There's also the eternal dilemma of making space in the suitcase for those home comforts that you just can't find in the English capital. Granted, the travel distance between Ireland and London isn't too severe, but when you've got a craving for Barry's Tea, Cidona and Ballymaloe relish, you might just swim across the Irish sea to get them.

Well, one of those problems has now been solved because a new store has opened in the London Irish Centre in Camden and it's selling all the essentials for anyone who wants a little taste of home.

Of course, no Irish store is complete without Tayto and Flahavan's porridge.

TV host Laura Whitmore did her patriotic duty by sharing the news on Instagram and considering the large Irish contingent living and working in London, we can see this being a very popular location.

In the post-Brexit environment, we also think that the purple Snack bars will be the most precious commodity in the UK.